Mists of Pandaria Secrets Revealed

Along with the release of Mists of Pandaria, a highly anticipated expansion pack for World of Warcraft a number of guides have popped up claiming to help you level up and earn tons of gold in WoW. One of those guides is Mists of Pandaria Secrets, and it’s probably the only one worth checking out.

MoP Secrets is in fact the best guide for World of Warcraft you can get. It’s specifically written for Mists of Pandaria expansion and most of its content is focused on progressing through the expansion. The authors have been participating in beta testing for the longest time now and gathered an unprecedented amount of tips, tricks and tactics that will make even the most experienced players surprised.

The analysis of all game mechanics you can think of, detailed min-maxing of spells and talents and recommendations on equipment will ensure you get to build the best and strongest character you can. Even the new Monk class is included, so if you have any kind of questions or dilemmas concerning the Pandaren fighting monks you’ll find your answer here.

Besides the aforementioned content you can find insanely helpful and researched gold making guide to ensure you never have to grind for coins. Of course a full leveling guide is included as well containing a complete list of available quests along with their rewards, but broken down into several optimized leveling paths to make sure you can hit level 90 as soon as humanly possible.

Overall I strongly suggest you give Mists of Pandaria Secrets your honest shot as this is the single best resource you’ll ever find.

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