Killerguides Guild Wars 2 Strategy Guide

I already mentioned Killerguides several times on this blog: they published a number of high quality guides for Rift, Star Wars: The Old Republic and TERA, and their latest one is for Guild Wars 2. I’ve been impressed with the quality and usefulness of these guides for some time now, and the latest one didn’t … Continue reading

Killerguides TERA Strategy Guide

You’d be hard pressed to find an online game that Killerguides hasn’t covered yet. Their repertoire or guides is massive and after 200 highly rated published guides they just keep getting better and better. I already did a review of their SWTOR and Rift guides, so you can check out those as well to see … Continue reading

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Kosh MW3 Strategy Guide

There are a few different Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 guides, but I’ll probably skip writing reviews for other guides. Frankly, Kosh’s guide is so incredibly better than anything else I’ve read that I won’t even bother. I know, having a nice comparison is what this site is all about, but none of the … Continue reading

Killerguides SWTOR Strategy Guide

This is the first guide I’ve had a chance to review for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you anything about this game as the hype surrounding it is unprecedented, and its popularity is still growing. This is undoubtedly going to be a serious competitor to WoW so make … Continue reading

Starks Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide

As you might have noticed I’ve previously reviewed Relik’s BF3 Strategy Guide and I was really surprised by its quality. I finally got the chance to check out Starks guide in detail, and unfortunately I’ve found it to be bit behind in terms of quality and information. Minus the video guides, Stark’s BF3 Mastery & … Continue reading

Reliks Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide

Among FPS games Battlefield and it’s newest sequel Battlefield 3 are certainly at the top. Developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts, BF3 is bound to become yet another record-breaking title and will undoubtedly give you more than plenty of entertainment. Considering its popularity it’s no surprise that there are BF3 strategy guides offered … Continue reading

Killerguides Rift Strategy Guide

Killerguides Rift Strategy Guide was the first guide to be released for this game and received several updates already. It’s a decent competitor to Xerxes guide, although it’s overall not as detailed or useful. Killerguides does contain plenty of useful tips though. Equipment guides, soul builds, PvP, dungeons, and a leveling guide (not a step-by-step … Continue reading

Xerxes Rift Strategy Guide

Xerxes Rift Mastery Guide is insanely good. I’ve had the pleasure of reading it several times now and I still find useful tidbits of info inside it. It’s really useful as I can open it whenever I want and find whatever info about the game I need. No more need to look on various sites … Continue reading